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HVAC Preparedness – Your Seasonal Reminder

It’s that time of the year where the spring showers cause budding blooms, reminding us that the hot summer months are ahead. What better time to keep your office, or your cab, refreshed and operating at its best to keep you comfortable throughout the long summer days. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioner are all critical to being a content and productive driver. Ensuring all system components are functioning optimally is vital in your trucks performance. Not only does this save you time and money but it stops the hassle and headache from having downtime.

Paying attention to the key HVAC elements will make all of the difference in the operation and effectiveness of your HVAC system. The heart of the HVAC system is the compressor. The compressor is the facet that requires the most scrutiny when ensuring your HVAC is working properly. This important component keeps the refrigerant circulating and increases compression. The more common issues with pressure failure are low refrigerant, leaks with refrigerant charge in the system, contamination in the system, lack of lubrication, clutch failure, blockage within the system or insufficient condenser cooling. Listed below are the three main reasons compressors are removed from heavy-duty trucks:

Refrigerant charge loss
Low pressure refrigerant entering the compressor on the suction side coming from the evaporator provides cooling to the compressor. With a loss of refrigerant, the compressor overheats and runs dry when oil is not returned into the compressor.

Polluted system
Particles found inside the compressor will cause internal damage to your system. These particles can cause blockage at the condenser, expansion valve or damage to the internal parts of your compressor. Regular replacement of the filter dryer or accumulator maintains a clean system.

Wrong diagnosis
Changing the wrong part is a common procedure in repair A/C failures. The system must be properly diagnosed before changing parts and pieces.

Consistently monitoring and managing your trucks HVAC system will help keep you running during the peak summer months. Your bottom line can be dependent on how closely your HVAC system is checked. Increase uptime and decrease driver discomfort by keeping your HVAC system road ready.

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This document was last updated on March 15, 2021.