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Air Disc Brake Pad Kit, SK7 & ADB22X Models for Freightliner, International, Mack, Volvo

By RoadForce
Air Disc Brake Pad Kit, SK7 & ADB22X Models for Freightliner, International, Mack, Volvo - air-disc-brake-pad-kit-sk7-amp-adb22x-models-k070796bxwrf_001



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Meets FMVSS121 recomended practice at 23,000lb axle load
Leafmark level B compliant (Califonia & Washington Regulations)
100% asbestos free, no heavy metals
Designed to provide both extended rotor & pad life over OE brake pads

Design Attributes
• EXCEEDING THE OE SPECIFICATIONS for strength & integrity with our disc backing plate & Encapsulated Mechanical Retention System (EMRS).
• ABLE TO HANDLE A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT FRICTIONS to meet your specific needs. Different Load weights and drivers are taken into account when formulating our pads.We started with High Torque Fibers (HTFs) and added Modified Crosslinking Resins (MXRs) to resist extreme heat. Our pad can continue to deliver higher torque when you need it.
Noise & vibrations can lead to a pad wearing down & requiring replacement prematurely. Our pads are positive molded & finished with microabrasive burnishing strips to seat the pad to the rotor. This creates a perfected brake geometry that reduces noise and vibration, extending your brake life.
• STRATABOND® links into Friction Stabilizing Layer.Stratified layers of encapsulated mechanical retention systems (EMRS), phenolic resin-based adhesive, a 3mm deep high-resin stabilizing layer, topped with a hightorque, low noise friction layer. This improves shear strength up to 240% for high torque applications.
Weight: 22.445
Includes 4 Brake Pad Assemblies & Dayco Hardware Kit: 7 Springs, 2 Pins, 2 Washers, 2 Split Pins, 1 Hexagonal Adapter & 2 Rubber Caps
ADB22X™ & SB6000 FMSI 8479-D1369
Meets FMVSS NO121 Standard Leafmark level B compliant (CA & WA)
Extended Rotor & Pad Life Over OE Brake Pads, Passes ECE R90 Certification Testing
Multiple Freightliner, International, kenworth, Mack & Volvo Applications
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number802078
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Industry Number745K070796, 745-K070796, 8235MMD1369AF, 8235-MMD1369AF, D1369, ALP1369, KZ3 AD1369LHP, DC066.00, KHD1369, 29279, 80100014, D1369AF, 29158, DC042.00, ESD1369, 80400010, G0571369330, PROADP1369, BP1369, ADBK1369, PLD-1369-01, RBD-136-01, GBADP1369, SP1369TRH, BER802078, BER-802078, 802078C8T, TF802078, MPGS-21233, ATX21233, K070796-RC, 802078-RC, GTP802078, ATP21233, UNI21233, 21233SS, VIP802078, 802078HTP, GTS21233, PS802078, TF 802078
International TruckBX802078, BXK070796
Kenworth802078BXW, K070796BXW, K162217BXW
Mercedes Benz44207020
Customer NumberK070796BXWRF
Peterbilt TruckK070796BXW
Volvo21198650, 85136940, BW802078

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