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Air Dryer Assembly (AD-IP™) 12V for Freightliner

By RoadForce
Air Dryer Assembly (AD-IP™) 12V for Freightliner - air-dryer-assembly-ad-iptm-12v-rf065612bxw_001
Air Dryer Assembly (AD-IP™) 12V for Freightliner - air-dryer-assembly-ad-iptm-12v-rf065612bxw_002
Air Dryer Assembly (AD-IP™) 12V for Freightliner - air-dryer-assembly-ad-iptm-12v-rf065612bxw_003


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All dryers contain dark gray anodized aluminum castings for better corrosion control, compared to castings without anodizing
Design Attributes
Our replacement air dryers are designed and fully tested to meet SAE and OEM exact specifications. Our quality process ensures that you get an air dryer that is completely interchangeable with OEM counterparts.

Located downstream from the air compressor, the air dryer is designed to remove moisture from the air system. Air dryers use two principles to eliminate air from an enclosed brake circuit; cooling/condensation & desiccant media.
Ports: Supply: 1/2" NPT, Delivery: 1/2" NPT, Control: 1/4" NPT
Weight: 24.3
Freightliner Columbia 120 & Columbia (2007)
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number065612
Bendix065612, 065693, 109465, 109469, 109477, 109503, 131038, 131066, 131080, 5000154, 5000155, 5000794, 500156, 5001740, 5001743, 800576, 5006634, 5002663, 800551, 800021, 5013548, 5009817, 5006848, 5006591, 5005697, 5000156, 5005270, 5005268, 5002900, 5002260, 5000214, 5000213, 800249, 5002660, 5007270, 5003976, 5006879, 65612, BW 109477X, 5018227X, K026596BXW, 802919BXW, 109477BXR, 065612BXW, 216560, 8235-R955109477X, BX109477, FLTAD9477, BX065612, OTR065612, 800576BXW, TDAR955109477X, 109477X, BW 800576, BW-065612, AUT-170.065612
FreightlinerBW 065612, BW-065612, BW109477X, BW065612
Gm15757625, 15050761, 12476027
Industry NumberTKL065612, FLTAD9477, D6320-A, 90025672, BER065612, BER-065612, 065612C8T, S 065612, MPGS-23097, ATX23097, GTP065612, ATP23097, 23097SS, VIP065612, 065612HTP, GTS23097, PS065612, UNI23097, TF 065612
International TruckZAC065612, BX065612, BAN065612
Mack26QE434P9, 745-109477X
MeritorR955109477X, R955065612, R955065612X, R955065612N
Customer NumberRF065612BXW
Peterbilt Truck065612BXR

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