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Air Governor (D2)

By RoadForce
Air Governor (D2) - bcb65d81fce752b55b1e847783b6e24f
Air Governor (D2) - 52ee84cfcdfc9435b487bb31062d1af5
Air Governor (D2) - 875160495267c126f8513ef46e0b2e07
Air Governor (D2) - a7e1d72471f67407f028418abdbd56a6


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Our air governors are tested for air-pressure build-up, leakage, and unloader functionality.

The D2 governor operates with the unloader mechanism of the compressor which automatically controls the air pressure in the air brake system between a minimum and maximum pressure. The compressor runs continually, but the compression of air is controlled by the governor.

Lightweight Non-Metallic Internal Piston
Lightweight Die-Cast Body
Universal Mounting
Weight: 1.2
All Ports 1/8" NPT
Includes 4 Plugs & Mounting Gasket
Pre-set at 125 PSI
New, No Core Charge
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number275491
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