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Air Spring

By RoadForce
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Air springs are a critical part of the truck suspension system and provide several important functions such as cushioning the chassis from road shock and maintaining the proper axle spacing and alignment.
Weight: 19.1
Cap Number: 3188
Piston Number: 9653
Top Plate Hole/Stud: 2
Bottom Plate Hole/Stud: 4
Extended Height: 27.60"
Compressed Height: 9.20"
Top Plate Diameter: 9.00"
Bottom Plate Diameter: 10.25"
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number1R12-256
FirestoneW01-358-9367, 9367
FreightlinerGYR 1R12, 256 GBH1R12256, FI W01 358 9367
Goodyear1R12-256, STM1R12256, TDAFS9367, AS93670, W01-358-9321
HendricksonS-14249, S14249, RR003319, B14249, 3319, 003319
Industry NumberVTC-01852, SP 559367-KP, W01-358-9367, GYR1R12256, GYR-1R12-256, 1R12-256C8T, MPGS-23175, ATX23175, ATP23175, GTP1R12-256, 23175SS, VIP1R12-256, 1R12-256HTP, GTS23175, PS1R12-256, TF 1R12-256
MeritorFS9367, E-FS9367, 201335
Customer Number1R12-256RF

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