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Brake Valve (E-3) for Freightliner, International

By RoadForce
Brake Valve (E-3) for Freightliner, International - 5d64d9f72d1e130417031b8ff211cb03
Brake Valve (E-3) for Freightliner, International - aa0f64dd5a99639aab74a8fcf8e732c1
Brake Valve (E-3) for Freightliner, International - fc0c08be17a6f5b0619da61888aa3777
Brake Valve (E-3) for Freightliner, International - 04addad4564395b29b98aa1ecc1673be


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Our replacement brake valves are tested for air-pressure build-up, leakage and valve functionality.
Weight: 1.5
Delivery Ports (2): 1/2"
Supply Ports (4): 1/2"
Auxiliary Ports (2): 1/2"
Replacement for Bendix E3™
Single Circuit Valve
Multiple Freightliner & International Applications
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number277863
Bendix229501, 277863, 277863NP, OR277863X, 277863X, 277863R, 277863N, OR229501X, 277863CX, 229501CX, RKN22100
FreightlinerBW 277863, BW 277863N, BW 277863, BW277863, BW277863N, WAB RKN22100
HaldexKN22100X, KN22100, 277863RX
Industry NumberKL3514JA, 14029, SM-3330, B8361GRP, BB8361GRP, A0025P, 401213, 8V-5172, LV1029, 1S-3581, 7D-8075, 4K-5015, 2R-0617, 277863P, V-6125-2, 4V-4154, 4D-2287, 9K-2258, 5K-0354, 034038, BER277863, BER-277863, 277863C8T, S 277863, V277863, MPGS-8361, ATX8361, 277863-RC, GTP277863, ATP8361, 8361SS, VIP277863, 277863HTP, GTS8361, PS277863, TF 277863
International TruckBX277683, BX277863, NS277863, 428-186-R, BX277863N, SMRS277863, 428186R, BAN27786, ZAC277863
Mack20-QE-369, 745-277863, 745-277863N
MeritorR955271863, R955277863N, RKN22100, TDAR955277863N, E-BN277863N
Midland229501X, 277863X, KN22100
Customer NumberRF44001970
Pai Industries36290, 3629

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