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Brake Valve (E-6) for Freightliner, International, Volvo

By RoadForce
Brake Valve (E-6) for Freightliner, International, Volvo - f677493e8391ab5242519d818010feb2
Brake Valve (E-6) for Freightliner, International, Volvo - 5535a5f1b83e0a3b3a84528f7a20d120
Brake Valve (E-6) for Freightliner, International, Volvo - e870235ef5deda720a21a93f0fd92395
Brake Valve (E-6) for Freightliner, International, Volvo - 531466542455fc3880b5e3bf15037d00


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All E-6 Foot Valves will contain Screen Filters in all ports of the valve. This will help protect the air system from having any foreign materials pass through the air lines & possibly clogging in a valve causing a warranty situation.
Weight: 2.25
Delivery Ports (4): 3/8"
Supply Ports (4): 3/8"
Replacement for Bendix E-6™
Dual Circuit Valve
Multiple Freightliner, International & Volvo Applications
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number286171
Bendix286171, 286171NP, 286516, 287255, OR286171X, 286171N, 286171BXW, OR286171, 745-286171N, 286171KTP, OTR286171, BW-286171N, 286171NBXW, 0R286171BXR, BW OR286171X, 286171RX, FLT FS286171N, 286171CX
FreightlinerBW 286171, BW 286171N, A12-13004-000, BW 286171, BW286171N, TDA RKN22150, BW OR286171, BW286171, BW 802469, BW 802465
HaldexKN22140, 101100, KN22150
Industry NumberBW286171N, 4R-15-3, FLTBV171, KL3514IA, F6014, RL3514GD-A, K286171N, TKL286171, TKL27016, BXW286171, BW286171:SSTTP, B4771GRP, SM-3329, DP30081, 9C-4441, 6G-8425, 4E-4281, 1140918, 401133, 6W-7858, 6W-7075, 9U-4539, 4V-2786, 3V-1458, M7X-0283, 034039, BER286171, BER-286171, 286171C8T, S 286171, MPGS-4771, ATX4771, 286171-RC, GTP286171, ATP4771, UNI4771, 4771SS, VIP286171, 286171HTP, GTS4771, PS286171, TF 286171
International Truck452-950-C, BX286171, NS286171, BX286171N, SMRS286171, 1676-728-C, 1676728C, 452950C, 548493C91, BAN286171, ZAC286171
KenworthK295-302-1, 28611BXW
Mack745-286171, 20-QE-3114-R, 20-QE-3114, 20QE3114R
MeritorRKN22150, R955286171N, 9618990110, EBN286171N, R955286171X, TDAR955286171, E-BN286171N
Midland286171X, KN-22140, KN-22150, KN22150X, KN22150
Customer NumberRF41001731
Pai Industries3630, 36300
VolvoBW286171, 1576011
Wabco961 880 001 0 4613320000, 4613310000, WKN22150

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