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Half Round End Yoke for Freightliner, International

By RoadForce
Half Round End Yoke for Freightliner, International - 89834557809efb16805bbab70f9929f1_310079e2-d7ef-4bea-963b-0164a5d35691


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Our end yokes for heavy trucks are designed for installation over the transmission output shaft, available in full or half-round designs.
Bearing Type: HR
Dimensions: Spline Size: 2.500" - 10, Major Diameter: 2.500", Ground Hub Diameter: 3.750" , Length Thru Hole: 3.000", Centerline To End: 5.875"
Spline Size: 2.500" - 10
Weight: 15.65
Major Diameter: 2.500"
Ground Hub Diameter: 3.750"
Length Thru Hole: 3.000"
Centerline To End: 5.875"
Style: HR
Multiple International Applications
Multiple Freightliner Applications

MRT-915, MRT-9509, MRT-9513, MRT-11609, MRT-11610, MRT-11613, MRT-11615, MT-905, MT-11605, MRT-11609, MRT-11610, MRT-11613, MRT-11615, MT-9509-A, RT-613, RT-906, RT-909A, RT-910, RT-913, RT-915, RT-958LL, RT-1110, RT-6613, RT-7608LL, RT-8608LL, RT-8709, RT-9109, RT-9508, RT-9509A, RT-9509B, RT-9513, RT-11509, RT-11608, RT-11609, RT-11609A, RT-11610, RT-11613, RT-11615, RT-11618, RT-11709, RT-11710, RT-11715, RT-12109, RT-12609, RT-12610, RT-12709, RT-12710, RT-13609, RT-13709, RT-13710, RTAO-11710, RTAO-12710, RTAO-13710, RTE-12609, RTF-909A, RTLO-1210A, RTLO-11610, RTLO-12610, RTLO-12610A, RTLO-12610B, RTLO-12613, RTLO-12613B, RTLO-12713, RTLO-12713A, RTLO-13610, RTLO-13610B, RTO-910, RTO-913, RTO-915, RTO-958LL, RTO-1110, RTO-6613, RTO-9509A, RTO-9509B, RTO-9513, RTO-11509, RTO-11608LL, RTO-11609, RTO-11610, RTO-11613, RTO-11615, RTO-11618, RTO-11708L, RTO-11708LL, RTO-12609, RTO-12610, RTOO-958LL, RTOO-9513, RTOO-11613, RTT-12609, RTX-11609, RTX-12609, RTX-13710, T-955-AL, T-955-ALL, T-955-GL, T-1056A, T-1056AA, T-11606, T-11607, T-11610, TA-4510, TO-955-AL, TO-955-ALL, M-11G9A-M11, M-11G10A-M11, M-12G9A-M12,
M-12G10A-M12, MO-11G10A-M11, MO-12G9A-M12, MO-12G10A-M12, RM-9-115A, RM-9-125A, RM-9-1250, RM-10-115A, RM-10-125A, RM-10-1150, RM-10-1250, RMO-9-115A, RMO-9-125A, RMO-10-115A, RMO-10-125A, LPSO125-10, LPSO140-10, LPSO150-10, PSO140-9, PS125-10, PS125-9, PS140-9, PS140-10 Axles & Transmisson Cases
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number6.5-4-3551-1X
Eaton FullerA-5412
FreightlinerSP 6.5-4-3551-1X
Industry NumberN6.5-4-3551-1X, 016.5-4-3551-1X, SD65435511X, SD-6.5-4-3551-1X, S 6.5-4-3551-1X, 6.5-4-3551-1XC8T, MPGS-E453, ATXE453, 6.5-4-3551-1X-RC, ATPE453, E453SS, VIP6.5-4-3551-1X, 6.5-4-3551-1XHTP, GTSE453, PS6.5-4-3551-1X, TF 6.5-4-3551-1X
International Truck1657-278-C
Customer NumberRF182507919
Spicer Driveline6.5-4-3451-1, 6.5-4-3551-1X

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