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Radiator for Freightliner, Sterling

By RoadForce
Radiator for Freightliner, Sterling - 834b77c8411e92c0c4ab516e9ca91831
Radiator for Freightliner, Sterling - 0912ec580849a325384f6b5f26933a73
Radiator for Freightliner, Sterling - 3de45d2616ce39bc1f2aca86377a8ca1
Radiator for Freightliner, Sterling - 62c2189717cc66846cca683e6ff4d51d


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Dimensions: 41 ¾” x 31 1/2 x 2 1/4"
Inlet/Outlet: 2.5"/2.5"
Weight: 53.5
Truck Make: Freightliner, Sterling
Truck Model: Century Class, Columbia, Columbia 112, Columbia 120, FLD 120, FLD 132, FS65, M2, XC, A9500, L7500
Material: Aluminum & Aluminum
Row: 3
Core Type: Downflow
Right Hand drain and Vent
Freightliner Century Class & CL 120 (2004-2006)
Freightliner Columbia (2001-2007)
Freightliner & M2
Freightliner FLD120 (2003)
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement NumberBHT U3692001
Detroit RadiatorFR47
FreightlinerA05-19870-011, ABP N20 2001, 1711, U3780001, H5466, E7237, E7236, C2315, A9988, A05-19870-017, A05-19870-013, A05-19870-003, A05-19870-002, 376761541, 05-20514-001, U3698001, A9986, A05-19870-019, N20 2001, 1711, U3692002, U3692001, A0519870023, A0519870021, A0519870019, A0519870017, A0519870015, A0519870013, A0519870009, A0519870003, A0519870002, 800022PT, 8000-22PT, 520514001, 519870016, 05-19870-016, A05-34822-000, 239138, BHT U3698001, BHT A9986, BHT U3692002
Industry NumberD9547, FR47, H5466, U3692001, 239138, 23014, TD06-02-010, 8000-22, 200003, LT0949, 18929, HDC010023PA, 01BHTU3692001, 2RFR20603011LCT, 2001-1711, RP617, S8022PA, 376761541, ABP N20 2001, 1711, FRTBHTU3692001, FRT-BHT, U3692001, S BHT U3692001, BHT U3692001C8T, MPGS-18929, ATX18929, BHT U3692001-RC, ATP18929, 18929SS, VIPBHT, U3692001, BHT U3692001HTP, GTS18929, PSBHT, U3692001, TF BHT U3692001
Customer NumberRF695508861
Peterbilt TruckFRE22PTR

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