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Slack Adjuster, Automatic, 5.5", Gunite Style

By RoadForce
Slack Adjuster, Automatic, 5.5", Gunite Style - slack-adjuster-automatic-55-gunite-style-rf25001296_001
Slack Adjuster, Automatic, 5.5", Gunite Style - slack-adjuster-automatic-55-gunite-style-rf25001296_002


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Automatic slack adjusters are a critical part of the parking brake system. Our slack adjusters fit most popular 5.5" to 6" arms and come complete with a straight clevis quick connect.

Automatic adjustment on brake application
Unhanded design fits most brakes
Drilled worm wheel for lubrication
Factory lubricated and sealed
Dimensions: 1 1/4"-10 X 5 1/2"
Weight: 7.65
Spline Length: 10
Spline Diameter: 1-1/4"
Arm Length: 5-1/2"
Gunite Style
Clearance Sensing
Collar Lock Clevis
5.5 & 6 Arms
Complete w/ Straight Clevis
Unhanded Design, Drilled Worm Wheel
Factory Lubricated & Sealed, Heavy Duty Internals
No External Brackets Required
Long Stroke Compatible, Finest Quality Ductile Nodular Iron
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement NumberAS1136, AS-1136
FreightlinerGUN AS1136, 681-420-5539, 681-420-5538, ABPN42ASAS1136
GuniteAS1136, AS115, AS1152, AS1153, 3398-AS1136, 40010013M1D
HaldexCS56036, 56036
Industry Number05-470, 76401-0111, AS1005, AS1036, AS-1136, BHS-C299, CB24100, CB24102, CB34200, E6987, M3363, ACA-09920700, 40010013M1D, 76401-3507, 76401-3501, 76401-3457, GURAS1136, GUR-AS-1136, S S-C299, AS-1136C8T, MPGS-C299, ATXC299, AS-1136-RC, AS1136-RC, GTPAS-1136, ATPC299, C299SS, VIPAS-1136, AS-1136HTP, GTSC299, PSAS-1136, TF AS-1136
International TruckZBRAS1136
MackC552330, 5396-CS52330
MidlandCS-52330, CS-56013, KN-52250
Customer NumberRF25001296
Pai Industries5036
Peterbilt Truck02-02245, 02-01736
Spicer Driveline974296
Volvo3936094, 3947848, 8060853, 85100217, GUNAS1036

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