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Brake Chamber, Spring Brake, Type 30/30

By RoadForce
Brake Chamber, Spring Brake, Type 30/30 - springbrake-type-30-rf3030mw_001
Brake Chamber, Spring Brake, Type 30/30 - springbrake-type-30-rf3030mw_002
Brake Chamber, Spring Brake, Type 30/30 - springbrake-type-30-rf3030mw_003
Brake Chamber, Spring Brake, Type 30/30 - springbrake-type-30-rf3030mw_004


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All springbrakes will contain Black E-Coated steel housings instead of Zinc Di-Chromate plated housings. The anti-corrosion features of E-Coating vs Zinc Di-Chromate are the same, but will protect the environment from carcinogens.

All springbrakes will have the “wide style” of clamp bands on them to help make diaphragm replacement easier.

The perfect solution for heavy-duty braking needs. The Type 3030 Standard Stroke Brake Chamber offers modern technology and RoadForce quality, making it a reliable and efficient choice. Durable construction ensures dependable performance and long-term safety.
Weight: 19.535
Tandem Sealed (Complete)
Includes Hardware & Clevis S-9137
Cross References
MakePart Number
Replacement Number3030-TS
Bendix3030-TS, K049898, 802708, 801300, K049904, K022872, 803061, K049902, 801130, K049900, 802631, K049899, 802548, K049897, 801690, K049896, 803030, NT3030STD-56TC, K022869, NT3030STD-78TC, 802547, NT3030STD-78, 800831, 5007132, NT3030STD-120, NT3030STD120, 165255
FreightlinerABPN42A43030C3D, 2830645, 3030TS, HDX GC3030R
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International Truck456-254-C, 456-255-C, ZAJ 3430051, 991071C, FLT3030SB28
Mack55543431051, 19-QE-441-RP1, 19QE441RP1
MeritorINT3030C-2, R873030C
MidlandGC3030R, MID3030P76, 1393030167, 1393030003, GC3030
Customer NumberRF3030MW
Pai Industries30300-001, 3030-001
Volvo85132097, 85132758, 85103137

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